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Legal Market AccessServices & Consulting Services

Legal Market Access™ Services

Simplicity for Complex Regulatory Landscapes

The regulatory landscape is complex. Understanding the requirements for your product is daunting. There’s too much data packaged as information claiming to be knowledge.

We developed Legal Market Access™ services to navigate regulatory requirements, jurisdictions, and business goals. It’s time you receive Wisdom at the Speed of Business™ to save you time, energy, and reduce corporate risk.

Customized for your products.

Actionable Insights™ aligns organizational goals, business development activities, and market engagement strategies with the regulatory landscape.

Legal Market Access™ services provide:
  • Responsive, short-term strategies
  • A foundation for long-term growth
  • Obtain market access
  • Maintain market access
  • Grow market access
  • Reduce overall corporate risk

Consulting Services

Product Innovation Change Agents

Innovation requires changing the regulatory landscape. Our consulting services create custom strategies for your organizational goals, business development activities, and market engagement strategies.

  • Regulatory & Legislative
  • Standards Development
  • Building and Safety Codes Development
  • Public Comments
  • Testimony
  • Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT)
  • Stakeholders, Coalitions, and Partnerships Building
  • Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) Supporting Lobbyists
  • Market Influence

  • Product Compliance Plans
  • Policy Analyses
  • Compliance Reviews
  • Global Compliance Strategies
  • Barriers to Market Entry
  • Compliance Strategies for Brand Image
  • Technical Experts

  • Third-Party Certifications and Listing
  • Third-Party Testing Coordination
  • Governmental Product Registrations
  • Governmental Clearances & Acceptances
  • Business Process Improvement

  • Compliance Acquisition Risk Assessments
  • Compliance System Reviews
  • Due Diligence / Compliance Reviews

  • Knowledge
  • Compliance Plan Execution
  • Awareness

  • Compliance Legal Strategy
  • Lawsuit Consulting Expert
  • Lawsuit Expert Witnesses
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